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A journey through Empathy

Welcome to the collective journey into the world of empathy. Welcome to the Design Thinking Conference.

Fasten your seatbelts tightly because you are about to be gently thrown out of the clichés to enter the sacredness of humanity.

Humanity: a set of positive endowments and feelings that are considered proper to human beings and distinguish them from beasts.

The endowments to destructure empathy, to perceive the death beyond the idea of end, to find the patterns in the daylife of everyday people, to finally recognise oneself in the gender space, to search new meanings of intoxication, to demystify change by making it easier, to consider the unique needs of female users, to be a better tech innovator starting from a much broader desirability scheme. In simple words to “look through different eyes”.

But also to feel through different sensors in order to enjoy trust, gratitude, easiness, lightness and depth, acceptance, compassion and equanimity.

And also to be more mindful to receive loving kindness from each other and send it to all those beyond our collective physical space. 

See you next year, guys! 

Thanks to my special friends Jane, Jenny, Nina, and Wiebke


  • Ottobre 19, 2022

    Thank you Paola, that is a wonderful summary! I loved your meditation, and I loved the time that we had around the conference.


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