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Paola Santoro

Doing Things, Meeting People

Service Designer
Teacher and Trainer
Certified Facilitator in the


I started my career creating stories for cinema and television. Later, I embraced the digital culture and I took a new, ever evolving, professional direction. The transition from broadcasting to "the Net" was quick and natural. My eyes are always on the emerging reality and I like to focus on techonological, innovative and deeply humanistic projects. I love to tell and teach what I learn through training projects and events related to the digital innovations. I am an effective problem solver, a communicator and a tireless researcher, hungry for information. I love exploring the digital culture, investigating its effects in everyday life and imagining possible future scenarios.

I'd like working in edutainment field, service design and lean consulting. I believe that people are the strength of all kind of organization and now I'm Certified Facilitator in the LEGO® SERIOUS Play® Method.

I am an optimist and I strongly believe in sustainability and collaboration between the genders.

My motto is "The weakness is a great thing, and strength is nothing." (A. Tarkovsky - The Stalker)

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Name:Paola Santoro



05/2016 - Present

LUISS LabGov ( LABoratory for the GOVernance of Commons)

01 / 2015 - Present

Facilitator and Service Designer

SOVEGA S.r.l. 

Business Consultant and Facilitator

Communication Strategy planning.

10 / 2013 - Present

i-lab LUISS

Workshop Instructor

Workshop planning focused on Innovation Culture.

09 / 2012 - Present

LUISS University


Geek Café: Digital technologies and start-up.

2012 - Present

Webside srl 


Webside designs and builds digital and social media marketing communication campaigns. Our aim is to help companies to develop the most suitable creativity for creating new value with digital platforms. The everything with the support of a proven network of technology partners that enables us to provide personalized and innovative services.

08 / 2010 - Present

Business Consultant, Communications Manager, Teacher and Trainer, Copywriter

Design, implementation and coordination of marketing campaigns. Business Process Analysis, Strategic design for the processes' and services' enhancement. Training for innovation culture. Web Content writing.

05 / 2014 - 07 / 2014

White Gallery 

Management Consultant and HR Trainer

Strategic design for the services' innovation and for HR empowerment.

04 / 2010 - 04 / 2014

Girl Geek Dinners Roma 

Co-Organizer Staff - Blog & Social Network

GGD organizes social events for exchanging and promoting technology, information technology and new media content related to female universe. Our aim is to stimulate conversations about topics that relate to new media and women.

09 / 2013 - 03 / 2014

Simplicissimus Book Farm srl 

Editor in Chief at Il Colophon

Il Colophon is a pop literary magazine edited by Simplicissimus Book Farm.

05 / 2013 - 07 / 2013


Rome City Manager - BeMyApp Weekend

Event Manger - BeMyApp WeekEnd is a three-day mobile app development competition taking place around the world. The event’s goal is to foster a global community of entrepreneurs and to be a medium for team-formation and agile product development.

09 / 2010 - 04 / 2012

Webside srl 

Creative Planner

Design and implementation of social media marketing campaigns.

06 / 2010 - 12 / 2011


Freelance Production Assistant

Production Assistant for the Italian shooting of the documentary "Ancient Worlds".

01 / 2011 - 09 / 2011

Telecom Italia 

Donna Impresa - Content Editor

Donna Impresa is a Telecom Italia blog about the women's entrepreneurial success.

02 / 2008 - 01 / 2009

Einstein Multimedia 

Assistant Planner

Schedule and breakdown sheets processing at AGRODOLCE TV Serie, produced by Rai Educational and Einstein Multimedia.

01 / 2009 - 11 / 2009

Einstein Multimedia Group 

Assistant Producer

Creative Production Supervision at AGRODOLCE TV Serie, produced by Rai Educational and Einstein Multimedia.

2007 - 2007

Smile Production 

Second Assistant Director

Shooting of the corporate advertising TEEWOO.

2006 - 2006


Planner Assistant

Schedule and breakdown sheets processing at SOTTO CASA TV Serie, produced by Rai Fiction and Videa.

2005 - 2005


Second Assistant Director

”INCANTESIMO 8” fiction.

2002 - 2005

Independent movie production companies

Assistant Director

Schedule and breakdown sheets processing.

2004 - 2004

Diva Production 

Writer and Director

“TUTTI IN CORO” Short film.

2004 - 2004


Writer, Director and Producer

“LO SGUARDO DI NARCISO” - Theatrical pièce winner of the Best Director Award "SCHEGGE D’AUTORE 2004".

2003 - 2003

BLU Cinematografica

Second Assistant Director

IO NO - Feature film Regia di S.Izzo e R. Tognazzi.

  • Communication
  • Reasoning
  • Creative Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Facilitation
Creative Thinking
Decision Making

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Paola Santoro
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